Increase eCommerce Revenue Through Purchased Website Traffic

October 10th, 2013

In its traditional form, eCommerce refers to a business that sells goods or services through an online website.  Each part of the purchase process from initial customer contact through product checkout.  In recent years, eCommerce has expanded to include any online transaction that provides revenue, including pure informational / promotional websites such as affiliate sites and Pay Per Click sites.  In whatever form an eCommerce site takes, it requires two things for profitability: traffic and conversion.  Some of the most compelling websites have maximized their conversion rate for the type of product they sell.  Their revenue then depends on their amount of traffic.  For this reason, many of these website owners decide to purchase website traffic.


Although a successful eCommerce site can be published for less than $20, a well-designed website, particularly one executed by professional website designers, can involve a significant initial investment.  This puts the pressure on the site to recover initial costs and begin generating revenue.  Arguably, the most effective initial strategy for creating website notoriety involves registering the website with the search engine and working to maximize the search engine rankings through SEO or other techniques.  This strategy can eventually create an avalanche of traffic and resultant revenue.  However, this may still not be enough to meet the timeframe milestones of a new online enterprise.  In these cases, a very effective strategy is to purchase website traffic.


Traditional Website Traffic For Sale


Many eCommerce owners look to the major traffic providers to increase their website traffic rate.  Some of these will provide the opportunity to other websites that link to the target site.  It takes advantage of the entrepreneurs who make money for each click that reaches the target.  These entrepreneurs will specialize in online marketing for the type product offered by the main target site, and will add the effectiveness of their website, and the advantage of their position in the search engine rankings to that of the target.  In a way, it is like multiplying the presence of the target site by the group of sites offered by the traffic provider.  Some target sites forego their own search engine optimization altogether, in favor of delegating that work to the website traffic sites.


Similar types of traffic strategies include a group of sites that not only links to your site, but also gathers personal contact information from the customer, particularly their email address.  These are traditional white-hat (fair-operation) methods for traffic providers.


Targeted Traffic


One black-hat method offered by certain traffic providers is the creation of synthetic traffic.  These are robots that “visit” the site, increasing the traffic numbers without actually providing any opportunity for increased sales.  This outlines the importance of “targeted traffic”.  Not only does traffic need to be human, but also needs to be by visitors likely to make a purchase.  In other words, the most effective traffic is made up of those visitors that meet the customer demographics for the eCommerce site.


Some of the most effective online filters for traffic include geographical targeting, related website targeting, and website visitor matching.  Geographically targeted traffic filters visitors by location.  Sometimes this is used for products targeted for a particular country.  Other times it is used to advertise businesses that extend beyond eCommerce to physical locations.  Related website targeting takes advantages of visitors for a particular product that will likely be interested in a complimentary product.  For instance, an online video store could offer links to each movie that provided the soundtrack, available from an online music store.  Website visitor matching is used to take advantage of a product that attracts a certain demographic, and link them to another product with the same demographic.  For instance, an online store that sells video games will be targeting young men who could also be directed to another online store dealing in high-end sports shoes.  One of the best new ways for an eCommerce site to get targeted traffic is to contract with a company that has an existing network of websites that implement these three forms of targeting.


High Quality Networked Traffic


Companies such as have a huge network of clients that provide targeted traffic to a range of companies. specializes in geographically targeted clients to provide the appropriate locale filters for the desired type of website traffic.  The service is an eCommerce owner’s dream.  Clients begin by determining the desired number of qualified visitors they wish to purchase.  Then they visit the site and register for their website traffic at a low monthly rate.  This traffic will begin in less than an hour, and the website owner will get this traffic with no further investment.  They can bypass the expenses of creating online banners, text ads, or flyers.


Website owners often decide to test their strategy to purchase website traffic by buying a small network service plan, a Pay Per Click plan, or some other type of purchased traffic.  They then monitor the conversion increase over a period of perhaps a month, and compare the results.  This will allow them to calculate their advertising sensitivities, create their advertising expenditure plan, and implement the best traffic plan for their website.

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