How To Increase Online Revenue Through Geo-Targeted Traffic

July 20th, 2013

Online marketers quickly learn that one of the major ways to increase online revenue is through increasing their website traffic.  With that in mind, they start to pay careful attention to the reports from their hosting company with the number of visitors to their site, and work to increase those numbers.  They may start by using SEO techniques to raise their rankings in the search engine results.  They may continue with adding links to related websites to further increase traffic.  These are effective methods toward increasing the number of visitors to a website.  However, sooner or later, the website owner will experience the phenomena where the traffic increases but the sales remain the same.  Later, we will see how geo-targeted traffic can rectify this situation.


Research will show that this phenomenon is caused by attracting more visitors that are out of your target audience.  This is akin to the proverbial attempt to “selling ice to Eskimos”.  If a teenager reaches your suppository page, or if a mature person reaches your website that is selling sports shoes, then you are essentially guaranteed a “no sale”.  Spending money on this type of traffic is a waste of advertising dollars.  A better use of that money is to use targeted traffic techniques.


Types Of Targeted Traffic


There are several ways to ensure targeted traffic, which yields qualifying customers.  If your main advertising strategy is using SEO techniques, then your keywords should include qualifying definitions.  For instance, if your product is shoes and your focus is lower cost, then be sure to use “low cost” and “budget” as part of your keyword design.  Furthermore, avoid using the words “high end” or “performance” to fool customers who are looking for that type of shoe, and do not value cost savings.


If you are linking to other websites, then you can target traffic by screening the type of websites that you choose as partners.  For instance, you would not link your sport shoes store to a website advertising retirement homes.


A particular type of target traffic focuses on the locale of the audience.  This is an effective method to start targeting your website traffic.


Geo-Targeted Traffic


For a physical store, geography-specific traffic means including the location in the keywords, for instance “low-cost shoes in San Diego”.


For linking techniques, the geo-targeted strategy is to filter by language and by locale.  Using this technique, you would only link English websites to English partners.  Similarly, you would not link a product, which is exclusive to the United States to a partner site in Great Britain.


Why Not Just Let Everyone Come?


Some marketers think it may be a waste of time to work on targeting.  After all, if your advertising gets 10 new visitors and only 1 new customer, then you have still gained that customer.  The problem is that if you go to just a bit of effort to create the targets, then 10 new visitors would yield closer to 10 new customers.  This is the sweet spot of advertising, brought by the proper balance of effort versus gain.


However, there are other reasons to filter your traffic.  One is the cost of frustrating the customer.  If someone is looking for a particular item and is continually routed to irreverent websites, then they begin to wear out.  After several unfruitful tries, they will often give up.  Then a potential customer is lost, if not to you, then to someone else’s site.


A worse situation would be if someone were searching for sports shoes and was continually routed to your fashion shoe site.  This could negatively brand your website in their minds.  Then, when they are ready to buy fashion shoes, they will remember the frustration they experienced before, and avoid your site.


Perhaps the biggest reason for defining targets is to make sure your company has completely defined its target market.  If the target definition does not exist in the company business plan, then this could indicate a need for the company to refine its market focus.


For these reasons, targeted traffic is one of the best ways to increase revenue-generating traffic, and geo-targeted traffic is an excellent place to start.  

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