Five Cost Effective Tips For Increasing Website Traffic

January 3rd, 2013

If you run an online business, you know that traffic and visitors coming to your site are the life-blood of your online business. Without website traffic, you have practically zero potential to make sales. To increase your website traffic, you have two basic options. You can buy targeted traffic, or you can explore free online ways to increase your website traffic.

There are a vast number of eCommerce sites on the internet competing for customers. Big companies have the ability to dedicate teams to internet marketing activities. The competition is fierce, so where does that leave the small online retailer. Can small and local online business owners compete and succeed on the internet? The great thing about the internet is that whether you have a large marketing budget or not, you can use many of the same marketing strategies and techniques the big boys use, and you can spend as much or as little money as you would like doing it.

Here is a list of free and cost effective ways to increase your website traffic.

  1. Join and Follow a Blog
    You can always start your own blog and market the blog to increase followers. You can also join and follow blogs as well. Use a search engine to find a blog that is relevant to your website’s products and services. Participate in the blog by making insightful and useful contributions to the blog. Most of the time, once you build a reputation as being a quality contributor to a blog, then the blog moderator will begin allowing you to include a link to your site in your signature. Blog followers can click on the link in your signature and become traffic to your website.
  2. Market on Social Media Sites
    Along with starting your own Facebook business page and Twitter account, you can also participate in online forums and other social media pages. Use social media websites to socially talk about you products and services in a non-salesy way. If you build relationships and establish trust on social media sites, people will allow you more freedom to promote your business and website as a relevant source providing service to the social page and forum users. Comment and write about topics that are relevant, useful, and interesting. Make a point of writing and posting regularly to keep your social community interested and engaged.
  3. Post on Classified Websites
    Yes, there are even classified ads on the internet. Classified ads have the potential to reach a large audience. Classified ad websites allow people and businesses to post listings to market their products and services. is probably the most well-known classified ad site online today. Classified ad websites have become more popular than newspaper classifieds and are seen and used more frequently as well. Online classified ads offer a free way to post product listings online and allow them to be seen by a lot of people.
  4. 4. Write and Submit Online Articles
    Article marketing remains to this day one of the best free internet marketing strategies out there. Go to sites like and and sign up for an account. Start writing. Make sure you follow the websites guidelines for article writing and submission, so your articles will be accepted and posted. Include relevant keywords and phrases in your articles. Write about topics related to your products and services. Make sure to link back to your website within your article and resource box (article signature), when appropriate. Although the link-building power of article writing has been somewhat diminished, its usefulness in increasing website traffic has remained strong.
  5. 5. Do a Press Release
    it is possible to do an online press release without spending money. A press release can provide valuable product information and updates to your potential customers. Press releases are distributed to online news outlet, such as ezines, blogs, and search engines for indexing and re-posting. Use a search engine to find free press release websites that will allow you to write and disseminate press releases for free.

Free online marketing strategies can help you increase your website traffic, while spending little to no money. The majority of free marketing strategies require you to participate, post, or write on forums, blogs, and in articles. Be active and social in your posting and writing. Use keywords and promote your website and products, when appropriate. You can use the same marketing strategies as the big corporations to increase your website traffic, and you don’t have to break the bank to do it.

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