Best Strategy To Boost Website Traffic

July 20th, 2011

The amount of website traffic your portal receives is not just important, it is fundamental. If you have spent a considerable amount of time developing your web pages and writing their content, but discover that no one is visiting, the impact can be extremely demoralizing. Without the right understanding of how to raise your profile, all your hard work may be a waste of energy.

To generate a lot of interest in your site does not require a large investment, in fact you can create popular web pages for almost next to nothing. There is a myth that many webmasters believe in which states that writing great content automatically means that the search engines will rank these pages highly. This myth is based on a theory that interesting content will result in lots of links from other sites, thus boosting search engine placement.

The theory is actually easy to pull apart, for example the creators of the content do not always consider whether their prose and structure of language is what people are actually searching for. The key is creating content that is relevant and attractive, you can use various keyword tools to develop an understanding as to what current queries and search terms are hot and which are duds.

A lot of webmasters understand that backlinks are a great way of boosting traffic, but if this is a technique you are going to use you need to understand how to choose the right anchor text. The anchor text should not be an actual page URL, rather it should be a keyword or key-phrase that is likely to be entered into a search engine. If you have the same anchor text used in backlinks on multiple sites, these can be a great way of boosting traffic levels. Always choose text that is short and sweet, do not use long winding phrases or other cute titles as these will not be so effective.

Choosing an interesting selection of keywords to add to your web-pages does not mean always going for those phrases that are the most looked up. You can potentially use less popular keywords that attract a few thousand extra visitors a month, if you have an e-commerce portal, any increase in website traffic can help to boost turnover.

Another technique that can be used to great effect is to choose an interesting title for your homepage and subheadings. Consider phrases that arouse interest and can bring in more visitors, but these terms should be as unique as possible.

It is essential that you keep up to date with the latest trends. Bookmarking, social networks, and tweets should be utilized to full effect, and what’s more, they are free to use. Increase awareness of your web-pages does not have to involve any expense whatsoever.

As long as you are committed and spend time researching how other websites have been able to become and remain popular, there is every chance you can mimic their results. As the amount of time people spend online is increasing on a continuous basis, with the right knowledge, anyone can build a popular portal.

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