7 Ways You Can Create Targeted Web Traffic

April 4th, 2013

One way to make your blog successful is to draw a larger audience to your website.  Not only do you want an increased number of users visiting your blog, but you want to have targeted web traffic that is interested in your specific blog information or the product that you are selling.  This will ensure that the information and product you are selling is able to get to the people who want and need it the most.

  1. 1. Marketing Your Articles

Marketing your articles and getting them out to as many marketing websites as possible is a great way to get your name known.  Here are a few ways that you can market your articles to a targeted crowd.

  • Be sure to market your articles under directories and sub-directories that are relevant to your particular website.  This will help you to build your links, and make your own spot in the market.
  • Utilize your keywords correctly within your submitted articles.  This will ensure that the targeted web traffic searching for your items will pull up your articles.  Not only do you want to use well-known keywords in your articles, but lesser known keywords can also draw traffic to your site.
  • Purchase quality content articles from reputable companies.  While many people don’t have time to write the content articles themselves, they purchase articles from various companies.  Make sure that the content you purchase is well written, and grammatically correct.  The keyword density should be perfectly inserted within the text, making it easy to read.
  1. 2. Using Social Media

While millions of people world-wide engage in some form of social media, using this platform to boost your targeted web traffic is ideal.  What other platform gives you the opportunity to reach people from all over the world, and direct them to your website?  Create a page on each of the top social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.   You can then invite targeted demographics to join your page.  They will have instant access to your website, updates, and postings regarding your product.  In this day and age of innovative social technology, don’t forget to utilize social media in your marketing tactics.

  1. 3. Forums

Forums are website hot spots where many people go to gain information on a particular product or subject.  Here are some helpful tips on finding forums that will bring you a targeted crowd.

  • Search for a forum topic that directly relates to the service or product you are providing.  For example, if you are selling products related to décor, then you would want to search for a home decorating or interior design forum.
  • Make sure that the forum is current and has a large following.  You can do this by checking that new posts are being added daily.
  • Set up a profile and become active within the forum community.  As you are setting up your profile, you will be able to create a unique signature that will appear on each of your posts.  Think of something that refers to your website.  For instance, if you are selling wellness products you could call yourself “Wellness Kate”.
  • Make yourself known in the forum by posting material every few days. Start by asking a few general questions, answering some questions that you know, and sharing tips about various products.
  1. 4. Buy Targeted Traffic

There are actually websites that will direct a targeted audience to your website for a reasonable fee.  The quality traffic is directed to you in several ways.  Purchasing traffic can give you a jump-start in acquiring users to your website.

  1. 5. Pay Per Click Advertising

Otherwise known as PPC, Pay Per Click advertising allows your unique advertisement to pop up on certain websites when potential users click on specific items or keywords.  Make sure that your ad attracts only people who are interested in your specific product, as you have to pay every time someone clicks on it.  For instance, if you are selling wellness supplements, you don’t want people who are looking for exercise equipment to click on your ad.  By creating a well-designed ad, you can maximize the percentage of clicks that are converted to actual sales of product.

  1. 6. Comment on Blogs

Visit other blogs related to your product on a daily basis and make relevant comments.  Again, make sure that your signature refers to your business in some fashion and includes your URL.  Make sure that your comments are intriguing and intelligent.  This will entice people who are curious to find more information by clicking onto your website.

  1. 7. Start a Blog of Your Own

This may take a little more time and maintenance; however, you can find a loyal following by creating a well-written blog.

There are many ways that you can increase targeted web traffic using various aspects of the internet.  By incorporating several of them into your marketing plan, you can increase your chances of bringing visitors interested in buying your product to your website.

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