Optimizing Your Website for a Flood of Targeted Traffic

November 30th, 2016

While Revisitors is dedicated to helping you get targeted traffic, we also want to make sure you and your website are well prepared to handle the influx of traffic. After all, it doesn’t do you much good to invite half the town to your party if you’re only prepared for a few guests. Learn some effective changes you can make to your current website that will ensure your visitors are converted to satisfied customers and brand advocates.


Review Your Web Hosting Package


Your current web hosting package may not be optimized for highly targeted traffic. It’s best that you account for overages after buying traffic so you don’t find yourself paying extra for every social media visitor who exceeds your current site traffic limit. There’s also the fact that your current hosting provider may not be prepared to handle the traffic coming into your site, which means some users may not even be able to access your site, which means you can lose out on some serious money and opportunities. Touch base with your web host provider to ensure you’re both well-prepared.


Monitor Your Social Media Feeds


If you have several social media platforms you use to generate geo-targeted traffic, be sure that you carefully monitor each of them to see which is the most effective at bringing in new site visitors. Doing so helps you to see where you should consider spending more money, which profile is drawing the least traffic and which strategy seems to work the best. Additionally, analytics can let you know whether your new visitors find your current site compelling enough to stick around, or if they leave after checking out a page or two.


Think About Adjusting Your Site Content to Fit Your Target Audience


Was there a certain audience or visitor you had in mind when you bought site traffic? If so, make sure your site and its content strike the right chord with that type of visitor. It’s best that you make these changes before you buy traffic, otherwise, you and your new visitors might find that your site is sorely unprepared. If necessary, consider doing some industry research into your target demographic to get a more concrete idea of what your new visitors most likely expect to see. This is better than going through a period of trial and error, which can cost time as well as money.


Make It Easy to Share Your Site’s Content


Social media is all about reaching out to and connecting with people, so you might as well use that to your advantage. Include social share buttons with your site’s content in order that your visitors can share it with their friends, which brings in even more traffic without you having to lift a finger. When you do include share buttons, make sure they’re clearly visible. Studies show it’s best to position them along the floating left vertical or top horizontal of your content. Sharing is a fantastic way to boost your business signal without coming off as annoying or overbearing. See for yourself what it can do for you and your business goals.


Position Your Contact Information at the Top-Right of Every Page


If you want just as many calls as you do site visitors with the highly targeted traffic gained through social media, you’ve got to make sure your business’s contact information is easy for visitors to see. It’s a good idea to shift your email address, phone number, physical address and any other contact information you’d like visitors to have to the top-right of every page on your site. Not only is this method great for general consistency, it makes it easy for visitors using their phones to browse your site to place a call; just make sure your number is in plain text.


Make Your Site Content Easy to Navigate


Optimizing your commercial site’s content will likely be done in vain if visitors don’t know where to go for the information, services or products for which they originally came to your site. As you’re tweaking your site, be sure to add buttons or links at the top of your home page for your most popular or general products or services. Even if those links or buttons aren’t exactly what a visitor is looking for, it at least gives her or him a place to start, which is bound to keep the visitor at your site rather than clicking the back button. Depending on how complex your industry, services or products are, you may need subpages or extra buttons/icons to make your site even easier for visitors to navigate.


Include High-Quality Images Where Possible


Technology has come a long way, making it easy for small businesses to have the website design of larger businesses. Visitors are used to seeing high-definition, high-quality images, so be sure to include them on your site whenever possible. Rather than focus on the thousand words an image is worth, concentrate instead on the single word a visitor will say when looking at the images on your site: yes or no. While boosting image quality, ensure those images are easy to make out on small smartphone and tablet screens without users having to pinch and zoom. One piece of advice with this tip is that you want to compress large graphics in order that they load quickly.


If you have yet to get highly targeted traffic from social media, Revisitors is here. Let us help while you use these changes and tips to transform your site.

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