How to Get More Traffic with Internet Advertising

October 15th, 2012

Whether you are just beginning to consider starting an online business or you have a going concern, now is the perfect time to take stock of your internet advertising strategy.  The simple truth is that without some kind of website promotion no one will find your site or buy what you have to sell.  Without advertising, you will struggle to make much of your business.  That being said, there are many different methods of internet advertising so you need to decide which of them you want to try.

Website Traffic

When you get to the bottom, internet advertising is all about website traffic.  You want to boost traffic to the point where you are having enough of your website visitors make purchases to meet your monetary goals.  Getting traffic is important, however, straight quantity is not enough.  You need quality traffic if you expect your visitors to make purchases.

Traditional vs. Online Marketing

Think about traditional forms of marketing a business such as individual mailers.  As a company, you create a flyer and send it out with other fliers in a bulk mailer.  Your flyers go to a specific neighborhood and you hope that a reasonable percentage of the people who received the flyer will not only look at it but need or want your service or product enough to call or come by the store.

Internet advertising is more suited to locating targeted traffic.  One of the reasons for this is the way that search engines have been designed.  A person types in a word or phrase related to what they want, such as “windshield repair” and then the search engine brings up a number of results that are all related to that keyword.  The person did not have to sift through dozens of pieces of mail hoping to find a coupon for a discount price on windshields; with a few keystrokes and the click of the mouse, the ads he was looking for came straight to him.  In addition to the natural search engine results advertisements related to that search popped up above and to the side of the screen so that the person had a number of options to choose from that were all related to his search.

Determine the Demographics

One of the first things you need to do before you begin your internet advertising campaign is to figure out the type of people who may need or want your particular service or product.  There are a number of things that figure into this.  First, what is the language in which you are writing all of the content for your site?  If you want to write it in Spanish to cater to a Spanish-speaking population, that is targeting a specific demographic.  Location is another thing to consider.  If you want to market your product locally, you should make your website cater to the local population and utilize geo-locater keywords in your advertising.  Perhaps you are selling a product that is particularly appealing to men or to people of a certain age group.  All of these things must be taken into consideration as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Website Design

Your website and your internet advertising must work together rather than fighting against each other.  You need to use the keywords you are marketing within the context of your website content, and they need to flow naturally.  For instance, if your keyword is “windshield repair” you can’t simply insert that keyword in a paragraph about children’s books, but it would flow naturally within a paragraph about auto insurance.  Connecting your advertising naturally to your website will make it more effective.

Types of Internet Advertising

While there are many things that can be done to market an online business, some of the most popular include:

  • Search Engine Optimization

While some people may not think of this as advertising, it really qualifies as part of your overall advertising campaign because it is essential to improving your placement in the search engine rankings, which is extremely important if you want people to find your business when they search on a related term.

  • Pay Per Click Advertising

Many people utilize this type of advertising where ads popup near the natural search results and then only pay for the ad when it is actually clicked on by someone.

  • Blogging

Many businesses include a blog where they can get people interested in something that has to do with the product or services being offered.  Blogs often contain links to the website within them or at the end of the information.  While blogs are usually not blatant advertisements they can be a valuable way to increase brand recognition and help to get visitors to the website

  • Banner ads

Many businesses purchase banner ads that show up in certain spaces based on the type of ad that was purchased.  The hope is that a person will see the ad popup, become intrigued, and then click on the ad and follow the link to the website.

  • Buy Targeted Traffic

Companies that buy targeted traffic are selecting a focused target audience based on location, language, and category.  These are not random visitor but are selected based on the criteria you provide.  The idea is to purchase a set number of visitors and your ad, which is often one of your website pages, will pop up, in specific locations that are closely connected to the product you are marketing.

  • There are many other internet advertising methods, but these are the most basic ones and are important parts of any marketing strategy.


It is very important to track the marketing results you are getting so that you can tell which marketing methods are most effective.  For most businesses, SEO is an ongoing process that takes some time, so to discount it because it is not producing immediate results is not a good idea.  However, many of the other methods can or should show relatively immediate results.  Your traffic can be tracked and statistics can give you quite a bit of information that can help you with your next marketing campaign.

Working with a company that has experience in internet advertising is a good way to get the most out of your advertising dollar.

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