How To Get More Traffic To Your Website

July 25th, 2013

Once you decided to make money online, you chose your product, setup your website, and began making sales.  However, if you are looking at your webpage visitor counter, or reading the statistics from your host, you may see that you are not getting the traffic you were hoping for.  What can you do?  The answer for how to get more traffic is: make a better connection with your customer.


We all know how a merchant with a physical storefront makes a connection with his or her customer.  They build their store in a popular mall or at a busy intersection.  They have large, colorful banners both near the store and on billboards to advertise.  They also advertise on television, radio, and on the internet.


As an online merchant, you have similar, less expensive methods of connecting with your customer.  However, the principles are the same.  You need to be located where the customer dwells.  You need to use attention-getting messages and graphics.  Here are the steps to do these things:


Define Your Product In As Much Detail As Possible


Let us say that your online store sells shoes.  Are they shoes for a particular activity?  Are they high-end versus low-cost?  Are they specialty shoes?  By the time you are done, you should have a description such as “inexpensive, sport, big-and-tall shoes”.


Get 5 People Who Do Not Know Your Company Try To Find Your Website


Now get 5 people you know and give them the description of your store.  Make sure they do not know you are the owner of a particular store.  Then ask them what their top 3 websites would be, and how they found them.  You may want to pay them a modest sum like $10 each to make them take it seriously.


If their results include your website, then you are in the “right internet location”.  If not, then you will want to increase your traffic.


Use SEO To Increase Your Search Engine Rankings


If your test subjects looked for shoes through a search engine, then you should try each of their choices of keywords and see where you appear in the rankings.  If you are not on the first page of results, then you should consider using SEO rankings.


In your copy, you write to your potential customers and seek to make a connection.  However, the connection is not made if the customers never find your copy.  It is like having a television ad on a show no one watches.  To make the connection to your target audience you also have to make one more connection: to the search engines.  You need to speak their language as well.  This means making sure that you include keywords in your copy that are recognized by the search engines.  What keywords do you use?  Use the ones from your product description.  For the example, make sure to include the words “inexpensive, sport, big-and-tall shoes” several places in your text.  Then you will be visible in the search engines, and in turn, to your clients.


Buy Targeted Traffic


Alternately, if your test subjects went to the shoe section of consumer shopper sites and saw links or ads to your website, then you have established targeted traffic.  However, if they do not ever find your website, then you have the opportunity to take advantage of targeted traffic techniques.


From the example, start by identifying the top consumer websites for shoes.  See which of these sites are available for links to your store.  Further, consider writing articles about shoe shopping for these sites, then link to your store from the articles.  Finally, consider a service for targeted traffic.  They will tell you how to get more traffic through connecting to their existing network of established websites.


With these methods, you will be able to make a better connection with your customer, increase your website traffic, and in turn, your revenue.

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