3 Answers For How To Get More Traffic To Your Website

March 25th, 2013

You’ve got a great product.  You’ve set up your business and created a website that anyone would be proud of.  It’s not enough now to simply sit back and wait for the money to start rolling in.  You’ve got to sell your website and your product in order for your business to succeed.  It’s no longer enough to increase regular traffic to your website.  In a world where setting up an online business is available to any average Joe, you’ve got to make your website and product stand out and sell itself.  You won’t be able to rely on your sparkling personality with customers who come upon your product through the web.  So now you’re wondering exactly how to get more traffic to your site.  The following tips can help you to start using simple tactics to get the job done.


1. Consider The Audience


Your website should be targeted toward those you are hoping will buy your product, and this should reflect in the website’s design, writing style, and any images used.  Consider using any of the following things to get viewers to your site and encourage them to stay there.


  • Infographics that mean something to the consumer
  • Videos that tell a story
  • Facts that challenge common beliefs


Each of these marketing tactics is geared toward those consumers who are likely to share your product.  Some demographics are highly more likely to get excited about your product and share it with all their family and friends, and your advertising campaign should work to appeal to those people.  Word of mouth is a great referral, and you want to tap into those consumers as quickly as possible.


2. Find Relevant Online Communities


With the increase of blogs, forums, and social media communities, finding where your target demographic spends their online time is a simple task.  Create accounts within these communities that allow you to take part in a discussion about your product.  If you aren’t sure where to look, simply do a Google search of your product or service and you are a few clicks away from finding where most of your target market hangs out online.  Make sure that any contribution you make to the conversation is appropriately timed and fits in rather than sounding like a paid advertisement.  This gives you an opportunity to connect in a personal way with your customers and answers your question of how to get more traffic to your website.


3. Create SEO-Friendly Content On Your Website’s Blog


The content you post to your website or blog should be tailored to appeal to a certain demographic and also to put you higher in the search engine results rating.  If you have a great website and a great product, but are on page five of Google search results, you will be hard pressed to find customers who will look that long before finding what they want.  Your goal is to include content on your site that places you higher in the results so customers come to your site quickly when looking for a product or service.


SEO involves posting content to your website that includes targeted keywords and phrases that are relative to your product and are searched often by Internet users.  But it’s not enough to simply add your keyword to your website.  You must post high quality content and well researched articles to your site to increase the validity of your website and increase the quality of traffic you get.  If your customers feel that your site is simply adding materials to draw viewers in, they won’t return to your site for an educated opinion.  When you are looking for how to get more traffic to your website through SEO tactics, make sure high quality content is at the top of your list.


Your Most Important Marketing Tool


When your business is run mostly online, you may be forced to bypass many traditional advertising avenues as a way to bring the right traffic to your website.  Once the product is perfected and created and your website is up and running, you should always be proactively looking to sell your product by marketing your website.  Fill your website full of interesting information and eye-catching designs, and you will reel in customers faster than you can believe.  Don’t sit back and watch your online business fail after you have worked so hard to create your site – actively pursue those consumers who are most likely to buy your product by increasing targeted traffic to your website.

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