Is There A Glitch In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

January 15th, 2013

Social media websites provide another avenue for businesses to market themselves. Social media websites are a great platform for online business marketing, because the majority of internet users are on a social media website at some point or another during a day. Social media provides a great opportunity for businesses to interact with their customers, create brand awareness, and market to potential customers. However, if a business does not have a directed social media marketing campaign, then it is likely that the business is making mistakes along the way and missing out on opportunities.

Here are some common mistakes businesses make, when implementing a social media marketing strategy.

  • Setting Unrealistic Goals
    There are several stories of social media marketing success. However, the success of others does not guarantee the social media marketing success of your business’s campaign. Social media marketing is one approach to internet marketing and SEO, and it should be treated as such. Although there have been overnight successes, social media marketing is a long term approach that involves the building of a social community. It can take time and daily attention to generate a large enough social fan base to allow your business to accomplish its social media marketing goals.
  • Ramming Your Products Down Their Throats
    When people go to a store or an eCommerce website, they expect to be sold to some degree, and so they are in the right mindset for buying. When people are interacting on social media sites, they are being social and buying your business’s products is oftentimes the last thing on their minds. If you overly sell and promote your products on social media sites, you will most likely drive people away, rather than building up a fan base of followers. Social media marketing is about a more subtle and long-term approach to selling, which includes building brand awareness, providing free information, announcing events, promoting links to your website through online contests and giveaways, and like activities. Social media marketing at its core is about creating a community of relationships surrounding your business and allowing your business to interact with customers.
  • A Lack of Response
    One of the main points of social media marketing is to allow your business to interact with its customers. If you do not respond to customer questions and comments, then your customers and followers will quickly lose interest. Responding to customer questions and posts not only allows your customers to interact with your business, but it also “humanizes” the business to some degree. It makes your followers feel like your business is approachable and trustworthy. If you intend on implementing a social media marketing strategy without interacting with your followers and customers, then you need to grab a dictionary right now and look up the definition of the word “social”.
  • Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail
    A social media marketing strategy does not simply consist of posting links to your website and videos you like that you found on YouTube. Your social media marketing strategy should include a list of goals and a plan for reaching those goals. Understand the “why” behind your approach, and it will help you post and interact with your followers and customers more purposefully.
  • It’s a Long-Term Investment
    Facebook is not going anywhere in your lifetime, and Twitter posts are archived in the Library of Congress for what might as well be an eternity. The long-term nature of social media has its positives and negatives. Social media is about interacting and building relationships with your followers and customers. Most of us will not “kiss on the first date” and your business should not try to do so either. Accept the fact that social media marketing is a long-term investment and that quality relationships are built and nurtured over time. The more interaction and socializing your business provides to your followers, the more likely they are to stay with you over the long-haul.

Do not make the same mistakes that so many businesses have made, when attempting to implement and execute a social media marketing strategy. Before you begin, set a plan with realistic goals. Commit to interact and be social with your followers. Take the proper approach and avoid over-selling to your followers. Use social media marketing for its intended purpose … to build, create, and sustain social relationships over the long-term, and you will see your efforts convert into revenue down the line.


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