Boost Your Conversion Rates With Effective PPC Advertising

April 10th, 2017

There are dozens of online advertising methods that businesses may use to attract new customers. Display ads, popup windows, freebies and other techniques continue to be popular, but they can be difficult to track. Since no company wants to waste money on online advertising that doesn’t garner targeted website users, it’s essential that any approach has a measurable return on investment. One of the best methods is pay-per-click advertising. Let’s take a closer look at PPC ads and how they can help you buy targeted visitors.


What is PPC?


The nature of pay-per-click advertising is right there in the name: Businesses only are charged when someone sees an ad and clicks on it. These might be display ads, search engine rankings or other advertising formats, but the idea in any case is the same. There is no fixed rate that you will pay for these ads. The cost is determined by the market value of the keywords you want your ad to be associated with as well as your ad’s quality score. The number of other businesses competing for the same keywords also will play a role in the final advertising price.


Pros of PPC Ads


The benefits of choosing pay-per-click ads are many, and that’s why a lot of companies choose to invest their advertising budgets in this method. Here are some of the selling points:

  • Economy: You only pay when someone clicks on the ad.
  • Quantifiable: Either someone clicked on the ad or didn’t. There’s no grey area linked to “impressions” tied to other advertising methods.
  • Budget: Companies get to decide how much they spend because they can cap the amount they are willing to invest. Once the number of clicks has consumed that budget, the ads stop appearing.
  • Optimization: If the ads are appearing for perfectly targeted website visitors, the impact can be significant.
  • ROI: It is easy to track statistics around the ads as well as the conversion rate for people who click and then make a purchase. This information can provide actionable lessons for the future.


Cons of PPC Ads


However, as with all methods of advertising, there are some disadvantages to PPC campaigns. Here are some of the PPC shortcomings:

  • Cost: Depending on the keywords you want to target and the competition for those words, this method can be much more costly than other ad options.
  • Competition: If you are not willing to pay more for the optimal keywords, you likely won’t see a lot more traffic.
  • Investment: It may take you a while to figure out the best practices for using PPC ads. For example, you might not know the best keywords to target until after you’ve done some testing using alternate words. You should be prepared to spend money in order to experiment with what works best for your businesses and customers.
  • Delay: If someone clicks on your ad but doesn’t make a purchase right away, that doesn’t mean they won’t buy in the future. This factor can skew your ROI numbers.


When you buy targeted website traffic using online advertising, the pay-per-click method probably will be a contender. This list of pros and cons should help you decide if its right for you.

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