Advantages Of MLM To Sales People And The Marketing Function

April 26th, 2011

MLM is a marketing function in which sales people are paid for their personal contribution as well as for the contribution of the persons they recruit in to the function or process. The initials MLM stand for multi level marketing, this is inspired by the way it operates; that is on different levels of the function.It acknowledges personal as well as group contribution attributed to that person. Employees or sales people are allowed to get their own people in to the team from which they get a reward on the achievements made by the sales force. The idea has brought about many advantages to the market. It involves direct marketing and network marketing.

One of the advantages of MLM is the contribution it makes to economic growth. It makes it possible for the national income to continuously grow. This leads to improved living standards and better resources for deployment to areas affected by problems. This is made possible by government taxation.

The idea enables you to create new friends and relationships. It is an easy way of developing new networks while going around doing your business. The people you recruit and those who recruit you can become your friends. They will offer you business as well as personal support.

The idea also helps marketing organizations to curb periods of high demand. When the demand is too high and the current employees can not meeting, those are recruits come in to fill the position. It is this that employees are encouraged to bring more employees for the organization to ensure operations are not stopped. It ensures continuity if operations at all times.

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MLM is also a very important function in providing jobs for the jobless. The recruitment process looks for young jobless people and earns them an income from which they can support themselves. It is fun and a happy feeling to know that you are working and at the same time providing opportunities for the less fortunate to support themselves. It is also fun knowing that giving someone a job will increase your pay.

The idea presents people with great and better learning of the MLM strategy. When people are recruited in to the business, they are trained about its functions. This training acts as a good way of future advancements in the field. It also helps those individuals to use the knowledge to their advantage once they leave the job. It is a good starting point for future success in the sales or marketing department as a whole.

The job presents flexibility in hours of work. One can work at any time they feel fits in their schedule. The vital thing is that they achieve the set targets. It also allows one to be feel like their own boss because of the freedom they get. They work under their own supervision, giving more freedom on the work.

You can start work at any time. It allows you enough time to spend with friends and family. Under MLM, you can also schedule you work time to allow time for other work or furthering of studies. You can have other jobs under multi level marketing because it is possible to allow time for them.

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