Interesting And Unique Ways To Make Money Online

February 1st, 2013

The internet offers a seemingly endless supply of ways to make money online. Whether through an established method, such as running an eCommerce website, or a less conventional method, such as becoming a virtual assistant, the opportunities and the money are out there. Not everyone will become a millionaire by making money online, but it is very possible to increase your quality of life and standard of living by finding opportunities online.

Here is a List of Interesting and Unique Ways to Make Money Online.

  1. Selling Stock Photos
    As more and more websites and pages are built, the demand for stock photography to enhance those pages continues to increase. The need for quality stock photography has never been greater. If you are a professional or even an amateur photographer, there is the potential to make money online by selling stock photography.
  2. Sponsored Tweet Advertising
    There are websites like that connect advertisers with tweeters. People use their Twitter accounts to push advertisements to their followers. The tweeter has control over the amount they get paid and the wording and frequency of the advertisements. Advertisers then choose the tweeters that they feel will best deliver and distribute their ads for a fair price. It is a win-win situation for both the advertisers and the tweeters.
  3. Monetize Your Blog with Google AdSense
    If you enjoy writing, you can make money online through blogging. The first thing to do is to start a blog, provide quality content for people, and increase your blog followers. Sign up for Google AdSense and include it on your blog. AdSense will place relevant ads on your blog and pay you every time your blog followers click on an AdSense ad.
  4. Virtual Assistants are In-Demand
    Through the internet small business owners can afford to hire assistants to help with the little day-to-day tasks that they are unable to get done. It is common for virtual assistants to make around $20 per hour and take care of tasks, such as making travel arrangements and scheduling client meetings. Virtual assistants are a cost effective and more affordable way for many small business owners to hire an assistant, when they normally would not be able to afford one.
  5. Look for Freelance Opportunities
    Everyone has marketable skills, whether we use them in our careers or not. Websites, such as or connect freelancers with freelance job opportunities. Work from home using your skills to make money online. With the write skill set and the proper motivation, it is not out of the realm of possibility for some freelancers to make a full time income, while working from home online.
  6. eBay Selling
    By now, eBay is well-known enough that people understand it is an online auction website and marketplace for selling items. People can get started on eBay by selling unwanted items that will be of value to someone else. It is possible to not only sell items from around your home to make a little extra spending money, but it is also possible to make a steady, substantial income through selling on eBay. There are several websites inline that will allow a person access to products at wholesale prices to then turn around and sell on eBay for a profit. eBay is the world’s largest online marketplace. eBay brings the customers, it is up to you to put the products in front of their faces.
  7. Mobile App Testing
    Mobile apps are a giant and emerging industry. If you can imagine it, there really is already an app for it. Some mobile app companies have become large businesses that own, maintain, and release a suite of mobile apps. These companies are looking for people to bug test their apps. It is possible to make money online testing mobile apps. It is normal for people to have to earn their reputation as a reputable app tester, but once they have established themselves, they can make a decent income.

There are numerous ways to make money online. The key is to leverage your skills and search for opportunities online. There are conventional ways to make money online, such as running an eCommerce website, and there are unconventional ways to make money, such as becoming a virtual assistant. No matter what your skill set, there is sure to be an opportunity to make money online.


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