How to Convert Website Visitors Into Buyers

December 20th, 2014

The internet can feel like a pretty lonely place for a small business or aspiring internet campaign that is facing a billion other websites. You are not alone. At Revisitors, we have hundreds of websites at our disposal and extensive experience providing our clients with traffic. Leverage the power of our large network to bring in more website visitors. To get some idea of our methods, check out these tips on how you can increase your traffic.

Grab attention with full page images of your site. You can go beyond a promoted link or text ad and present the image of your website’s home page, a featured product page, or whatever section of your site you want new visitors to land on. When users click on this full page ad, they are directed to your site. We have found that giving people a full page glimpse of your site dramatically increases the likelihood that prospective visitors will become your site users and customers.

To optimize the effectiveness of a full page ad, it is important to choose a page on your site that is attractive, simple, and gets your point across quickly. Reduce unnecessary clutter or distracting color choices that might distract viewers from your message. In the first seconds that your ad is open, the viewer should see your brand and be able to figure out the purpose of the page. We recommend arranging your page so that your logo is featured, including a short description of your product or service, and clearly pointing visitors to whatever action you want them to take. For example, an effective product page might prominently display a “buy now” button. For a service-oriented site, the featured link might be “get your free estimate now.” These clear and direct full page ads are our preferred design approach because even if the viewer doesn’t take action immediately, they will see your logo and get an idea of what they can do on a future visit to your website.

Even if you are already getting traffic on your website, you may find that visitors are not becoming customers or repeat site users at a satisfactory rate. Ask yourself whether your marketing efforts are reaching the audience you want. Web surfers who are inundated with irrelevant ads simply ignore them. You can increase the likelihood that people viewing your ads will become customers by selecting geographic and linguistic targets for your marketing. If you are a local business establishment, need to limit your shipping range, or provide services only in specific regions, you may be wasting advertising dollars trying to promote your site without any focus. Target your ads geographically in order to save money by advertising and reach people who can actually benefit from your business or organization. Global internet businesses should also target their ads to reach the language and cultural groups served by their website.

Evaluate your website’s current prominence by doing an internet search for the products, content, or services you provide. Is your site the top result? Does it appear on the first page? How many competitors’ websites do searchers see before they find you? We can help you improve your visibility in search engine rankings by using our knowledge of search logarithms. Results are ordered by perceived relevance to the searcher’s query, and it is possible to improve your relevance ranking. We apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to make search engines more friendly to your site.

We have the most effective techniques for bringing visitors to your website. Our attractive full page ads direct users to a specific task, our targeted advertising brings in likely customers, and our SEO expertise elevates your site in search rankings. Partner with the experts at Revisitors and watch your internet traffic, and your revenue, explode.

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