4 Clever Ways to Increase Website Visitors

December 6th, 2014

For many internet entrepreneurs and local small business owners, their real passion is the product, service, or content they provide. If you are like many site owners, your website is a tool to share your passion with your audience. However, you probably find it challenging to get guests to your virtual door. Ideally, your website would be judged based on its quality alone. We would love to believe the hopeful refrain, “If you build it, they will come.” The reality is, in our crowded digital universe, a site must be deliberately promoted in order to rise above the competition and attract attention. If you do not have a large marketing budget, you may be wondering if all is lost. Luckily, we can help. We have four suggestions on how you can easily increase website visitors for little cost.

The first strategy we recommend is using a marketing network. To be effective and make it worth your expense, paid promotion has to reach a large number of potential users in a short time. You may have already tried posting an ad in one place at a time with little or no success. In contrast, affiliate marketing uses a network of participants to promote your site, multiplying the exposure you receive. Because payment is based on success rate, it is highly cost-effective as well. It is not necessary to waste money on flashy, animated banner ads that nobody clicks on. With our extensive network of thousands of participating websites, your website can get the magnified exposure necessary to compete in the saturated internet marketplace.

Our second suggestion for improving your internet marketing is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. The SEO approach uses a variety of techniques to make your site more prominent to search engines. When people go online to learn about certain topics or to find specific products, they enter keywords in search engines. If your site uses these keywords in the body text and in the description indexed by search engines, then the algorithm identifies your content as relevant to the user’s search. Successful SEO strategies adjust the density of keywords to the search engine’s preference. In application, this means not underusing or overusing keywords. The correct density puts your website higher up in the list of results. However, web search tools are becoming increasingly selective; while they are important, keywords alone are probably not enough to make your site stand out in search results.

In addition to keyword usage, we recommend that you use another SEO technique and increase the number of inbound links to your site. When other websites are pointing people to a page on your site, search engines see that you have a higher prominence and therefore higher value on the web. Get other websites to link to yours by participating in online communities. If you do not already have a blog on your website, add one. When other blogs in your field write something controversial, post your own response and contact the other site to begin a dialogue. When they share your response with their readership, you can acquire a prominent link. Another way to get links is to write content elsewhere. For example, authors of parenting books may write for an online magazine as guest bloggers and include one or more links to their own sites. Whether or not you sell a product, you can leverage other websites to promote your site by joining blogging networks. In this system, many other sites link to yours and vice versa. This kind of promotion across platforms brings readers in directly, but even better, dramatically improves search engine rankings and increases traffic exponentially.

Our final suggestion for attracting visitors is targeting your efforts geographically and linguistically. While the internet is global, your company might serve a specific geographic area. Conserve your marketing dollars by advertising only to people near you. If you already serve many different locations, or if you want to expand internationally, you should keep in mind the language and cultural focus of your website. Translation is a key component of global marketing, and you can promote certain language pages in specific geographic areas. What this means is that you only have to pay to promote the German language page in places where German is spoken. We have found that site users ignore irrelevant ads and are much more likely to click through to websites that they can see are intended for them. The benefit this targeting can bring you is that your new visitors are more likely to become customers or repeat site users.

To conclude, knowing a few smart strategies can dramatically increase website visitors. Affiliate networks allow users to multiply their impact exponentially, relevant keywords raise sites above their competition in search rankings, and cross promotion brings in valuable inbound links. Attracting more visitors to your website can raise your company’s profile in a very short time. When you use these techniques, you can effectively buy traffic and successfully share the reason you created your website.

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