Don’t Forget About Your Internet Advertising

February 11th, 2013

In today’s world, there are several different ways to advertise your business. From billboards and print ads to TV and radio commercials, a successful business will use every medium available to increase people’s awareness of the business and increase sales and revenues. Whether you buy internet traffic, explore free online methods for targeting potential online customers, or both, internet advertising is becoming the dominant means of acquiring customers and selling your business’s products and services.

While other forms of advertising blast out a message that will hopefully be seen or heard by interested individuals, internet advertising is able to target only interested individuals if done correctly. Because of this targeted approach, internet advertising is one of the most streamlined and direct forms of advertising and targeting potential customers. Only people, who are looking for the products and services your business offers, will be shown your internet ads, so they are more likely to buy from your business, or at a minimum learn more about your business as a potential future resource.

Here is a list of tips to help you maximize the results and the return on investment of your internet advertising campaigns.

  1. Create a Website Brand
    Create and purchase a memorable, descriptive, and succinct domain name that includes your main keyword, if possible. There are an overwhelmingly great number of websites on the internet, so the more memorable and descriptive your website’s domain name, the more successful your internet advertising efforts will be. When you buy internet traffic through PPC advertising, a quality domain name will contribute to the relevance and quality of your paid search marketing campaigns. A quality domain name will contribute to the success of search engine optimization campaigns and aid in the return on investment, when you buy internet traffic.
  2. Create a Buzz About Your Business
    One of the best ways to advertise your business on the internet is to create a buzz about your business through special offers and giveaways. Social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter are perfect outlets for advertising giveaways and contests on the internet. Make sure your website, Twitter page, and business Facebook page are interlinked and interconnected, so that the contest or giveaway details can be distributed across all media.

    People will be willing to interact with your business, if you promote a contest and giveaway. Require website visitors to register for the giveaway, so you can grow an email marketing list of potential future customers. For example: If you run a screen printing business, you can have a free t-shirt giveaway, if people are willing to sign up for the giveaway. If you promote the contest across different online media, you can potentially generate a sizable email list of potential future customers. When the contest winner is announced, send out an email to everyone, who registered for the contest to let them know there was a winner. In the email include a coupon for $5 or $10 off a purchase on your website. Although the great majority of people will not win the contest, the number of potential customers you can create through contests and giveaways can be significant.

  3. Include Guarantees
    Help customers feel secure and safe, when ordering from you by offering guarantees on your website. Guarantees go a long way in helping to remove the risk of buying from you in your customer’s eyes. A common guarantee is to offer a 90-day money back guarantee. This shows customers that you stand behind your products and services. Guarantees are a great internet advertising technique, because they make customers feel safe, and you will most likely only have to fulfill on a minimal amount of guarantees, if you sell quality products.
  4. Provide Customer Service
    Advertise the quality of your customer service. Allow customers to get answers to their questions ahead of making a purchase either on your website or by phone. People are more likely to buy, when they believe that there is an actual human being there to support them, if they have questions and concerns. Again, using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are great ways to respond to customer questions and participate in internet advertising at the same time.

Do not neglect the internet as an incredible opportunity for advertising your business. Whether you buy internet traffic or use other free means of online advertising, you can gain significant brand awareness, potential customers and possible revenues, when you focus your efforts on internet advertising.


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