Blogging for Dollars: A Step-by-Step Guide

February 21st, 2017

A comprehensive marketing strategy is smart for any business. Chances are you have heard about businesses blogging or maybe you’ve even tried your hand at it. Blogging can drive traffic and attract new customers if it’s done correctly. Otherwise, it can be frustrating and seem pointless. Here’s our step-by-step guide to running a successful blog.

1. Have a Professional and Compelling Design

Static layouts don’t engage visitors. If your blog has big blocks of text and limited pictures, it’s time to revamp it. An engaging blog starts with a professional layout and each post having interesting and relevant content. Tips include:

  • Include high quality images in your posts.
  • Use lists and bullet points.
  • Write good titles and sub-headers.

Now that you know the importance of having a strong visual presence, it’s time to learn about choosing good topics.

2. Choose Topics Carefully

Some businesses want to target beginners or people with more experience. For example, a business that wants to attract beginners to a subject or industry might focus on basic tutorials. On the other hand, advanced visitors will be more attracted to more detailed content. Consider your target audience and develop a long-term strategy for your content. This will generate cheap targeted traffic from readers who are more poised to become customers and subscribers.

3. Prioritize Quality
Content matters. You can churn out a million articles, but unless they are well-written and helpful, they will not result in much traffic or purchases. High quality posts will be read and shared more. Focus on targeting your visitors with relevant content. Some ideas for publishing high quality posts include:

  • Improve your grammar.
  • Proofread and spellcheck.
  • Share important news in your industry.
  • Help readers with guides and tutorials.
  • Publish infographics and listicles.


When you focus on quality, the targeted web traffic will follow.


  1. Consistency Is Key

    There are various strategies that businesses adopt when it comes to frequent blogging. A good starting point is publishing several times per month or per week. If your industry has a lot of daily news, you can consider posting several times per day. Create a schedule that you can stick to long-term. Readers want consistency. Don’t try to post multiple blogs a week and burn out to not post for a month. Try starting with a steady rate such as four times a month and consider increasing the frequency once you have more confidence and resources.


  1. Increase Your Online Presence

    Take advantage of each reader of your blog. Turn a single-time visitor into a valued subscriber and customer. This can be done by encouraging your readers to follow your social media profiles and subscribe to your mailing list. Convincing your readers to receive updates through social media posts and emails will make your overall online presence much stronger.


  1. Interact with Readers

    Don’t let your blog be a one-way street. Too many businesses treat their blog simply as an avenue to post content and never capitalize on what can be done after an article is published. Pay attention to the comment area and make thoughtful responses. Social media profiles also give you a great opportunity to interact with your readers. Making an authentic connection with your visitors will keep you from taking them for granted.


Following these five steps will get your blog off to a strong start. A high quality, consistent, and strategic blog can be a valuable aspect of your marketing tools. When you run an excellent blog and buy cheap targeted traffic from, you will see growth in traffic and engagement.

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