How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

February 15th, 2017

Plenty of people aspire to make money with their blogs. They take the time to create great content. They network with other bloggers. They work hard to build their list of email subscribers. But although these practices are just good policy for any blogger, they may not be enough to generate the solid income that allows writers to live the lifestyle they envision. For anyone who is looking for targeted traffic, an increase in subscriber numbers and a boost to revenue, affiliate marketing may be the solution for all three goals. Let’s take a deeper dive into the affiliate process and how it can bring you quality web traffic.


What is Affiliate Marketing?


Simply put, affiliate marketing is when bloggers endorse another company’s products in exchange for a commission on any sales that result from the referral. There are wise methods for using this system, and there are inefficient methods for using this system. If you are conscientious about your endorsements, affiliate marketing can be a boon for everyone involved. Remember that the more people who see your endorsement, the more people who can become revenue generators for you. People who buy targeted website visitors are uniquely positioned to take advantage of this mathematical likelihood.


Blogs, Readers and Endorsements


Your blog is your best tool for affiliate marketing. If you’ve worked hard to gain a loyal following and create trust between you and your readers, you can parlay that relationship into a positive affiliate marketing opportunity. You don’t want to be too overt about the recommendation, but you can offer helpful suggestions that readers may find advantageous.


The best choice is to endorse a product that is on-topic for what your blog is about or, at the very least, seems in line with the ethos you have established in your blog. For example, if you write a blog about basset hounds, it makes sense that you would offer links to a particular dog food brand. You would not link to sites selling cat furniture or real estate.


With affiliate marketing, you are putting your own reputation on the line, so don’t risk alienating your hard-fought subscribers just to make a buck. Just consider what types of goods and services your readers might really benefit from, and then promote those items.


Pick Your Platform


The blog format is a no-brainer for affiliate marketing, but it is by no means the only option. If you’ve got a big YouTube or Instagram following, you can leverage that audience into income as well. Again, though, prudence is key. Stick with endorsements for logical products, and don’t be too aggressive about it. If it looks like you are just spamming people with unwanted purchasing suggestions, you risk losing followers, jeopardizing your reputation and sullying the business you are seeking to endorse. Here are some platform-appropriate ideas:

  • Instagram: Post a humorous or adventurous picture of yourself using a product, and then include a hashtag with the company’s name and a link to its site.
  • Twitter: Tweet a clever anecdote or comment about a product and add a link to the website.
  • Facebook: Share a post the company made to your own timeline. Add a comment to make the share more personal.
  • YouTube: Create a tutorial of how to use a product or create your own “product placement” opportunity by shooting an unrelated video where the product is in the background.


Make It Look Good


Whether you use your affiliate marketing skills in a blog or on social media, it has to look good. Your website and blog must be visually appealing. Your social media posts need design and photography that indicate you are a person with good taste. That factor will establish trust between you and your audience that your opinion is worthwhile. Think about Pinterest, for example. Most of the photos on that site are nicely lit and well composed. People are more likely to click on pages they find attractive and compelling.


Of course, it helps if the company whose products or services you are endorsing also has a stellar site. You probably don’t want to establish an affiliate marketing relationship with a business that uses shoddy design, clunky product pages or a questionable shopping cart.


Bottom Line on Affiliate Marketing


When you get right down to it, you stand a better chance of making significant money through affiliate marketing if you have high quality web traffic to your site. It is up to you to keep visitors’ attention once they reach your home page or blog. You can do that with quality content that is updated regularly. Once you establish a rapport with that targeted traffic, you have the opportunity to convert them into customers.


When you invest in an online advertising network like the one at, you will tap into a huge array of internet users. This audience has the potential to generate revenue for you if you follow the guidelines above.


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