Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Revenue With Our Targeted Web Traffic

April 25th, 2017

When you are working to create passive income by providing access to useful goods and services alongside your own research and information to help people find the products that they need for a variety of niche services, you need your web site to become visible before it will become competitive. That’s where looking for ways to buy targeted traffic becomes important. Targeted web traffic is organically produced traffic with real users, so they are potential customers for your site as well as extra traffic to help you improve your position in search engine results.


What Happens When You Buy Targeted Web Traffic


If you are selling a third party’s product, then you know your pitch has to be appealing. That’s how you generate conversions from your social network and other platforms, and that’s how you will generate them when you buy targeted traffic, too. The benefit that comes from targeted traffic promotions are myriad, though, and they make affiliate marketing much easier when you are in those critical build-up stages. When you use this strategy, the following things all happen:


  • Your traffic picks up without losing focus, so you will get users searching for the keywords and topics you want to be found under.
  • The traffic’s nature ensures a higher percentage of interested potential customers, which primes the audience for your pitch and helps effective copy go further.
  • Attracting users who go on to make purchases or even just browse multiple articles means increasing your expertise and ethos, and that translates to even more traffic organically.
  • You will gain prominence in your keyword categories more quickly by picking up more and more relevant traffic.


All of this translates to more sales. Your mileage may vary depending on how effectively tuned your pitch strategy is, and depending on the exact niche you are operating in. The results are clear across the board, though—companies that follow through with marketing best practices and use targeted web traffic to help drive potential customers in their direction wind up with a larger customer base more quickly.


Scaling Your Efforts to Buy Targeted Traffic


If your initial campaigns allow you to successfully dial in your process so that you reach an optimum conversion rate, then you will have a few different choices to make as you look at scaling your efforts to make the largest commissions possible. You can try to increase your campaign size, to get more traffic each month. You can also put up another site and focus on building a profitable new business in another niche, so you occupy more places in the market. The decision is up to you, but when you are considering whether you should double down or diversify, you need to think about some different scenarios and outcomes to help yourself make that choice.


  • What is your return on investment like now? Do you expect it to increase or decrease as you scale?
  • How large is the potential audience for your content and products? What does your keyword research show for potential traffic?
  • How much more can you increase your campaign before you meet your provider’s capacity?


At Revisitors, we work hard to make sure each customer has a plan that delivers the optimum results for their business. That is why we recommend building a diverse portfolio with strong investments wherever the traffic warrants it. There may be some niche topics that generate the best results from lower intensity traffic campaigns, but most of the time the offerings we have available are going to allow customers to scale their campaigns as they get more and more business, but they also drop off at the point where continued investment would produce diminished returns more often than not.


This allows our customers to quickly get their E-commerce up to speed before moving on to their next project, building useful sites that produce passive income in a variety of niche categories and making a powerful business network out of the results. All you need is the right pitch and the right product, and we can bring the audience to you. For more information about our services and the difference between targeted traffic and broader-based advertising efforts, go ahead and contact us today for more information. Our staff is always happy to help.

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