You Can Never Get Enough Adult Traffic

December 26th, 2012

At the end of the day a website is a website, regardless of the subject matter. Websites are built to be understood by machines and consumed and viewed by humans. That being said, marketing a website that features adult content is really no different than marketing a website that sells shoes or shares information on how to rebuild a house.

There are numerous ways to drive more adult traffic to your website. You can buy adult traffic, focus on free methods of driving visitors to your site, or you can even do both. Here are seven ways to increase visitors to your adult content site. Remember, you cannot have sales or generate revenues, if you do not first have the traffic.

  1. On the internet content is king. The most consumed and searched for commodity on the internet is information. Providing fresh, informative, quality content on your website is the foundation to generating more traffic to your website. Think of ways to offer quality, informative content to the visitors of your adult website. You could offer tips on dating, or ideas for sustaining a healthy sex life. You could also offer entertaining commentary to adult content stories in the news. No matter what you write about, keep it new, fresh, and consistent. Create new content every couple of days if possible.
  2. Check your work. Always proofread your content. Nothing will turn off visitors to your website like misspelled words, bad punctuation, and abysmal grammar. The goal is to turn people on with an adult website. Don’t let grammar mistakes be the distraction that leads them away.
  3. Optimize your website and the content on it for search engines to help increase your search engine ranking. The most common way for visitors to find your website online is through search engine results. Websites do not acquire excellent search engine rankings by chance. Search engine optimization starts with keyword research, so that you can include the words and phrases in your website content that visitors use, when searching for your website. Do not over stuff your website with unnecessary words. The content of the website should present itself, as if it were another human being describing to you what the website is about and what it contains.
  4. Getting other websites and pages to link to your website is the main method for generating more traffic to your website. At a minimum, trade links with other websites that are similar in nature to your own. Link trading means: the other website links to your website, and you, in turn, link to the other website. Focus on trading links with websites that are already attracting a lot of visitors. Develop an entire link building strategy to increase the number of websites and pages that are linking to your site. Getting as many highly trafficked websites to link to you as possible is a key strategy for increasing the traffic to your website.
  5. Do not forget to use social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to increase your website traffic. Since your website includes adult content, you will need to familiarize yourself with any rules that the social media site may have regarding adult content. It is possible to promote your adult content website and generate followers and still remain within the social media site’s guidelines. Remember the goal is to create an online community surrounding your website.
  6. Write articles and/or manage a blog. Remember, content is king. You can generate content away from your site as well. Not only do online article and blog posts allow you to continue to create fresh content and information for visitors, but they also allow you to create links back to your site. Writing online articles and maintaining a blog help increase traffic to your website in two ways.
  7. Give visitors something for free. Giving something for free has been a tried and true method for increasing traffic to a website, since websites began. One strategy for adult websites is to allow access to certain content for a limited amount of time. Give visitors a taste or a tease of the content you have to offer, before forcing them to commit with their wallets. Offering something for free will increase referral and viral traffic. If you do this correctly, you will give the visitors just enough for free to whet their appetite, but still leave them wanting for more.

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