Innovation Boosts Efforts to Attract Adult Website Traffic

October 12th, 2016

Innovation Boosts Efforts to Attract Adult Website Traffic


The sheer volume of internet sites targeting adult visitors means that the category faces many unique challenges. It is much more difficult to drive adult traffic to certain sites because traditional methods are just not effective. There are some many online spaces marketed specifically to adults that it is tough for any one site owner to stand out from the crowd. Plus, figuring out how to get visits from only adults is a technological challenge that not all site owners are capable of handling. Let’s take a closer look at the hurdles involved in attracting adult website traffic and how they can be managed.


Traditional Methods


Websites with adult content or gambling themes cannot simply advertise in the same ways that mainstream websites can. They might find themselves buying expensive ads only to have them appear on spam-like sites that search engines frown upon. Traditional social media marketing also can be difficult because owners can’t be sure about the age of the message recipients or they receive a backlash from disapproving followers. There are a few online advertising services that will market adult content, but it is usually a much costlier venture because the message targeting is more exact and time consuming. Many adult-site owners end up relying on direct email campaigns to a select group of users who have opted-in, but not everyone has time to develop such a list or the money to purchase access to a list that another service has compiled.


Other Free Approaches


A quick online search of “how to market adult sites” will invariably turn up suggestions such as:


  • Submitting articles to adult-content sites
  • Creating backlinks from related sites
  • Posting comments in adults-only forums with a link to the website
  • Blogging about adult content to maximize SEO opportunities


However, all these methods take a lot of time, and not every adult-site owner is comfortable writing blog posts and articles. Even if a webmaster is willing to pay someone to create quality content, there may be few candidates willing to do it, or their prices may be very high. Finding free marketing options for an adults-only website is extremely difficult, so it is highly likely site owners will have to buy adult traffic.


Adult-Only Advertising Networks


One of the best ways to get access to additional adult traffic is through the use of an advertising network. This is a group of thousands of adult-only websites for which tools already are in place to make sure visitors are the appropriate age. Again, because this category is so crowded, there is virtually an unlimited number of websites who may be added to the network. Well-established targeted traffic services have built huge grids of popular sites that garner millions of hits per week. This is where an adult-content site needs to be if it is to generate traffic and make additional revenue.


Proprietary Algorithm is a targeted traffic service that offers paid packages for sites that contain adult content. Its exclusive advertising network includes thousands of sites that offer adult or gambling content. These websites cover many different niches of the adult content market to help further hone the target audience and message. Revisitors has crafted a specific proprietary algorithm that uses an advertising network to deliver thousands of new adult-site visitors every week. In addition, Revisitors’ team of specialists manually reviews each site and process to make sure every venue is optimized for the highest return on investment. Finally, when site owners buy adult traffic, they are gaining access to Revisitors’ affiliate sites and specialty search engines to generate visitor statistics that traditional marketing efforts simply can’t match.


The Best Targeted Traffic Service offers services to adult-content sites that other targeted traffic sellers just don’t provide. Their customers know they are in good hands because they are getting:


  • A dedicated customer service representative who is poised to maximize every website’s success. He or she partners with each client to make sure the adult website is optimized for garnering and keeping site visitors.
  • A campaign that can be set up right away. Webmasters can forget about investing in expensive banner ads or pay-per-click advertising. Revisitors will craft a full-page, popup or pop-under ad that is designed to make clients stand out in the crowd.
  • Targeted messaging based on geographic and language preferences. Fortunately, websites for adults only don’t share many of the same location and language restrictions that mainstream sites do, but the Revisitors team helps clients choose the appropriate categories when desired.
  • Inexpensive package prices with guaranteed visitor counts by the week. Site owners don’t have to spend a fortune to get high-quality traffic coming to their website. Because additional visitors can mean more revenue, the paid packages can virtually pay for themselves over time.
  • Constant monitoring and traffic adjustments. Revisitors doesn’t just set up a campaign then sit back and wait to see what happens. The team manually checks analytics to ensure visitor stats are meeting goal and makes adjustments to source sites if necessary.


Start Attracting New Adult Site Traffic Today


The team is ready to create the perfect internet marketing campaign for your adults-only business. If you want access to the Revisitor advertising network, proprietary algorithm and affiliate sites, it is time to get started today. You can have thousands of guaranteed visitors checking out your adult website tomorrow if you move forward right away. Learn more about the Revisitors offerings and how to buy adult traffic by visiting the website now.


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