Adult SEO Brings Adult Traffic To An Adult Website

March 5th, 2013

As search engine optimization has gained validation in the business world as a legitimate means of promoting and marketing a website, a subset of SEO has branched off into its own niche. Adult SEO, as it is known, is essentially search engine optimization for websites with an adult theme. Whether or not you feel that adult content is objectionable, it really has no bearing on the fact that to a search engine … a website is a website.

Free Versus Paid Adult Traffic

Since a website is a website, the message or theme of the website is not necessarily what matters to a search engine. It is the way in which the message is delivered, presented, and marketed that matters. The overall approach to Adult SEO is, for the most part, like SEO for any site. There are SEO strategies to get free adult traffic and there are SEO strategies to buy adult traffic. Getting free adult traffic would include search engine optimization and link building activities, while to buy adult traffic would include search engine optimization and pay per click (PPC) activities.

The Internet is a Reflection of Human Nature

The internet is a human invention. The content on the internet was created by humans for human use and consumption. Here are the facts. By far the most popular search terms in the world on the internet today are adult keywords. In fact, the top two searched keywords in the world are adult keywords. The most searched non-adult themed keyword is “google”, and it comes in third. Eighteen of the top thirsty keywords searched on the internet are adult keywords. Adult keyword searches make up more than 50% of the world’s total search engine traffic.

Successful Adult SEO Starts with the Basics

The logic of supply and demand applied in this situation says that since adult keywords are the most often searched keywords in the world, websites with adult themes and content would thus make up the majority of the world’s internet content. This means competition is high in the adult website industry. It takes a focused adult SEO approach to either buy visitors or bring visitors to an adult website.

Even with adult SEO, the basics of search engine optimization apply. Also, as with most adult websites, the end goal is for the owners of the website to make money online. Before the website is ever created, any reputable search engine marketer will do the following keyword research:

  • Identify the keywords that are most often used to find adult websites that are similar to the website you are building
  • Identify the keywords or keyword phrases that have high amounts of usage with lower amounts of competition
  • Identify the keywords that include a buying intent. For example: “buy adult traffic” indicates much more of a buying intent than “free adult traffic” or “information about adult traffic”.

The upside to running an adult website is the enormously vast number of people, who are looking for the content on your website. The downside is the high level of competition for the same keywords. The smart approach is the same for adult SEO as it is for any other kind of SEO. An adult themed website should find its niche and use long-tail keyword phrases to describe its niche to search engines and its users.

Here is a list of marketing strategies to use and implement to help your adult themed website run a successful adult SEO and marketing campaign, whether you are looking for free adult traffic or looking to buy adult traffic.

Worthwhile Adult SEO Strategies for Increasing Adult Traffic

  • Use correct on-page structure and markup hierarchies, including H1, H2, H3, alt tags, along with quality content containing anchor text.
  • Start a blog that includes fresh, quality, relevant content and link appropriately to your website through anchor text.
  • Visit and participate in adult forum sites. Provide quality content to the forum and link to your site through your signature.
  • Find adult website directories and submit your website to them.
  • Buy adult traffic through PPC campaigns. Constantly review, analyze, tweak, and optimize your PPC campaigns to maximize your ROI, when you buy targeted traffic.
  • Be certain to create a mobile version of your website.
  • Participate in social media. You will need to make sure you do not break any rules on the social networking sites, but using them can and should be done.

Whether you go for free adult traffic or you buy adult traffic, a well organized and implemented adult SEO strategy can make all the difference in the success or failure of an adult themed website.

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